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If I owe you a photo it is in the gallery! Feel Free to help yourself.  It would mean the world to me if you stick around and check out my site.  Even if you don't personally need a service I offer you will know a name when someone you know asks.  Enjoy and I had the most fun taking your photo!



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The latest work was Published in Ebony Magazine by Leroy Mikell


Images on Ebony Magazine website and more

Well one of the goals for this year was to have my images published and I am happy to say I should have set a much bigger goal because the first one is finished and available to see on the Ebony Magazine Website.

The interesting part is the story is written by my wife and the photoshoot was executed alongside her and my close friends.  There will be a post about us later so stay tuned.

I am going to share a few of the images that did not make an appearance on the site.  make sure to comment and or reach out if you need anything


peace clickers


Product Shots of My Birthday Gifts by Leroy Mikell

My new obsession is making studio quality images of every new product I buy or receive.  My Birthday recently passed on June 7th and outside of all the festivities I received items that I loved but refused to buy for myself.  

I have a post forthcoming on how I lit these images and why it is amazing learning to light in a small confined space and the lessons you learn.  For now I just want you to enjoy the photos.

Peace Clickers


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