Band Portraits and Big Lights / by Leroy Mikell

Local jazz bands bring the soul to your event be it a Wedding reception or a Business luncheon they are the background sound getting all the attention.

The Lights are on and the people are watching.  I think the poster image or the way people are introduced to the artist band or business owner should be more than a glamorous mugshot.  Instead I would rather see the persons energy a freeze of a moment they were truly being themselves.  I try to bring something far more important than business as usual and the things that can be achieved after my subjects realize this is astounding.

I spoke about lights in the title because the people I shoot have to perform when people are watching.  It is apart of the job you can't be a business owner and let someone else lift the day to day weight or a musician and only sing in the shower when no one can hear.  These photos and the light I provide are designed to let people know what they are getting when they decide to watch you.

Leroy Mikell/Meant II Shine Media