What is Design??? / by Leroy Mikell

I was asked this question in class earlier this week and my answer was the way things perform their duty whether functional or fashionable the way the job gets done is all by design.  Every and anything manmade has a design ranging from the worst thing on Earth all the way up to God doing your science project for you also known as the best things since sliced bread.

I am addressing design in this post because I have spent no less than an hour a day playing around in the back hallways of this here site and I have come to the conclusion that I am better at design than I thought but overall I am pretty bad at it.  I can tell a good design from a bad one but I have trouble producing my own.  

Nope!  there is much more to worry about and I apologize whole heartedly.

I once made a photo and put all your graphic designer has to worry about is typeface...  I now understand why my friend the graphic designer was offended.  This is serious business.  I would really appreciate your help in making the site all it can be by leaving comments about the changes you like or would like to see.  If you can visit often I post every week and make changes at least once a day shooting to improve both the site and my designer chops.

I will be out of town taking engagement photos this upcoming week and look forward to sharing with you guys here.