The Art or Restlessness of the Selfie / by Leroy Mikell

If you follow any you will see that I had earlier posts about purchasing new equipment to replace what was lost.  You may also have noticed that there was no influx of images and great photos resulting from said purchases.  This must change.

While I practice everyday it is speculative practice consisting of reading articles looking at shots from other photographers and their websites'   

My issue with my site is my need to show what I can do with what I have available to me.  In order to fix this I have reached out to models and people I know and I have devoted the time to learning how to dial in proper power and exposure with my equipment. 

The image above was shot with a tripod a Nikon D7000 a tripod and a two headed monster of a Dynalite 500xl kit.  I was in the mood to shoot so bad last night that I made a few of myself and edited one to calm the craving.  In the coming weeks you will see the images that were supposed to come as soon as I bought the kit.  

The things you will learn here on this blog are invaluable.  By reading you will see the eventual climb to success and notice that it is nowhere near a linear rise.  I believe and have faith in this fact and now it is time to add the proper amount of work to make it happen. 

Peace Clickers