Good Deeds Big Dreams and Business Acumen. / by Leroy Mikell

For years I have been pouring in a little more effort than would be considered sane into this photography thing. 

I think back to day one when I had zero skill and minimal talent.  All I knew then was what I wanted my photos to look like.  I knew that it takes money to do what I wanted to do so I started shooting almost anything for 50 dollars a day paying for things I wanted to see out of my own pocket investing in equipment I thought would make me better but couldn't really afford.  I was excited to be shooting.  I would work on my photos and realize they didn't have the qualities of images I saw and admired  everyday.  I now know those qualities to be depth use of light moment distance from subject and composition things I spent little to no time thinking about until after the shoot the first 4-5 years I spent dreaming of being a great photographer.

I could see these things in other peoples photos and thought maybe I am supposed to be a picture editor and sort through other clickers (photographers) and their best work.

I say all of that to say the whole time I was flailing and not really getting any better I was a good person and people took note of the effort I was putting in and they gave me chances to be around them while they worked.  I was told that even when people don't hire you they store your information in case they have something come up that fits what you do.  I have done a lot for people for little to no money and I have gotten so much better in the recent couple years all because I have not given up and I am an okay guy to be around (did you just see that modesty!!!) 

The photos I have to share today are directly out of the camera into lightroom for keywords personal info and sharpening.  They are a result of me shooting website images for Soft Spoken Band in Syracuse NY for a school project and expressing interest in shooting them for live shows and any other shots they need.  I had since forgotten about the whole situation until they called yesterday (July 16th) wanting to pay for live coverage at a show they had later in the day. 

The message here is don't give up on yourself or your dreams and sow good seeds in your community.  It may not help tomorrow but it will help eventually. 

Peace Clickers