Assistant for hire / by Leroy Mikell


      I recently filled out a new part of my professional member group that lists me as available to assist other members in the New york area.  This is big new because I did not know the list was there until I met an assistant at an industry Christmas party.

I really have no idea how to get a position as an assistant so my goal is to document my struggle and learn out loud.  I plan to post short video blurbs of me on my way to interviews and how they went.  Video of me when I get a gig.

So far I have learned showing up is a large part of the battle.  I get emails from the local chapter of ASMP and I should be front and center at every one.  Also I have learned email people back and try to go meet them for coffee or lunch.  

So far I have met two photographers one of which seems like I will be able to get when the season starts back up in a month.

Either way if you are like me and ready to get some real world experience.  Make sure to accept every invitation show up on time and talk to everyone there.

Until next week (hopefully)

peace clickers