This Is Called The Show... / by Leroy Mikell

The Wav on stage between sets.

Many who follow my social existence know that music is the largest influence on what I do in the photography realm.  It matters not if I am shooting a Bride, location, space, or anything else someone might call me to shoot.  I am thinking about shooting the way the project sounds to me.  When it comes to shooting live concerts for performers in both Arenas and local dives it has a way of warming my heart and reminding me why I picked up a camera.

This week I had a chance to meet a collective of people and their friends who call themselves The Wav.  I brought some photos along to share by way of image gallery so fret not you can see how they sound... or look if you are normal unlike myself.  

A few regrets I have from this outing are the fact that I didn't figure out how to capture sound so I could share a few video clips with you and the fact that I didn't barter my services to lead to more shooting opportunities or maybe even a little extra income.  These are my favorites from the show however and I really would appreciate your comments a share with your digital friends or a line or two of encouragement.

Peace Clickers