Mary Jane New Orleans NYC and Me / by Leroy Mikell

My first shoot for pay here in the big apple!  Well that is the good news the rest is pretty much material for how much better I should be doing in my head.  I retouched these myself but I had help with the rest of the shoot.  A makeup artist and a designer on the premise makes things so much easier.  This lesson I take to the heart... bring friends handle your business like a team.  I am overjoyed for their help.  Now about the subject. Her name is Mary Jane Guiney she is from New Orleans by way of Australia.  We set up a last minute shoot on the last day she was in NYC.  We literally met her Sunday and shot her Monday using the clothes she had with her for wardrobe and her singing voice for inspiration.  I will write a post about lessons learned and what I plan to do to implement solutions later but for now enjoy the finished product like the post share it with your friends and tell 2 strangers where they can find me.

Peace Clickers