Reel of Last Years' Motion Work. / by Leroy Mikell

    For my first post of 2015 I will start with some honesty.  I don't like keeping up updating posting promoting or otherwise managing my own website.  Now that being said I do love to make new work express new ideas and consume the work of others for inspiration.  The last post I made was in June and that is in poor form.  

I apologize and I will do better.  I should be able to post once a month consistently in my own favor.  That is my goal for this year.  I will strive to post once a month. 

To start us off on the good foot this year I am sharing last years great shots and editing. 

for those of you that have stuck around I am available for hire for events live performances second shooter for music videos and weddings and video editing.  Happy shooting. 

Peace Clickers


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