So Nice, I did it Twice... / by Leroy Mikell

About six month earlier this year I shot the entire line of purses for a Aiche Sissoko!  The news I want to share is that site is live as well!  Visit to let them know shelling out for professional photography is worth the money and has a very appealing look to it.  

I am by no means breaking the internet but my images are usable and they are being used to sell items internationally just as I dreamed.  Three websites including my own site of course see value in something I made up on my way home from college one day.  It is so crazy this idea I came up with (Meant 2 Shine Photo) is a real thing now.  It is humbling and I cannot help but feel immensely blessed.I am in the process of setting new harder to achieve goals because I completed my last goal not once but twice!  I am also behind the scenes of cover shoots for national publications and feature stories of actors and actresses you love on the small screen.  The photo assistant gigs are trickling in as we speak and I have another go at it Friday after next on November 20th. 

I want to get a music artist website and release under my belt and work on raising the creative bar every shoot.   My next steps are to investigate the business opportunities at the county clerks office and make the jump from coffee-house meetings to business-lunches on my visa card.

I wish you all enough.

Work Hard Be Nice

Peace Clickers