A Tale of Chef Kale / by Leroy Mikell

I worked with Jasmine Cole to capture her one woman show aimed at making eating healthy more fun for kids and their parents.

The story uses Chef Kale a character Jasmine made up as a vehicle to approach the subjects of the digestive system healthy eating and a chance to use a dash good old fashioned imagination.  I will let Chef Kale tell the Tale of how she came to grow Kale right from her scalp but I really must say it is very interesting and worth a look for the kids and adults alike.  I learned a lot and I was working.

As far as the work was concerned I used my Zoom H4N to record the audio of the live show and my interviews with a few kids and a parent.  I will never get tired of interviewing kids because it is always a good time.  I also used my mono pod as a way of stabilizing my shots of the performance because I have not purchased a dolly or much video equipment at all for that matter.  The mother of invention however is necessity so I made it work with the monopod and I am sure I won't capture much video without it from this day forth unless I come across actual video equipment of course.  There was not very much lighting equipment used for this one but we were in a children's theater so the lights were up enough to make some good stuff.

My mission was to capture the audio video and a few interviews.  I also worked my way through a shot list of stills that Jasmine wanted for her site.  I am happy with the content I produced and I am really happy to be getting into content production as well as I am.  Everyone has a website and it is only right to provide great visuals.

Either way make sure you catch Chef Kale at her next show or keep up to date with Kale and her Tale on instagram @thetaleofchefkale and her forthcoming website featuring photos produced by yours truly.

Peace Clickers.