Throwback Thursday with the Dancers / by Leroy Mikell

Right after wrapping up an interview with the good people over at First Klass Breakfast, I heard the commotion that only comes from a group of people that are in tune with one another.  The type of fun they were having is that contagious type of fun that makes you happy you left your home that day.  What I had stumbled upon was an open audition for background dancers for the song we now know as Diddy and Pharells' Finna Get Loose.

I had my camera with me so I was set on getting a few portraits of the dancers practicing getting real time video and making contacts with people I could shoot later within my normal element of controlled lighting situations and multiple attempts at getting my vision perfect.

Realtime capture has plenty challenges that I will go over here on the blog in the near future, but for now take a look at a few photos I pulled out of Lightroom to share with you guys.  I will make a point of posting some of the video on my Facebook and Instagram a bit later today.

Peace Clickers