The date has been set / by Leroy Mikell


Thanks to my beautiful fiancé Brittany Dandy we have a wedding website!  I know you want to see photos but first lets cross promote this branding d-I-y and media marketing professional I can't wait to call wife!  Visit her site here  also We are on Instagram under the handle @alaboroflove where you can see a little glimpse of our New York lives up until the day we say I Do and maybe a little bit more.  Also the website! How could I forget take a look at the design skills I had nothing to do with except handle the check and youtube star eye squint during the photo sessions.  

Okay that was a lot of links but I also shared my secret sauce with you so say thanks to my designer motivator and wife-to-be!

Enjoy Pictures!

Work Hard, Be Nice

peace clickers