Home-Studio Days for Fine Tuning / by Leroy Mikell

I read a book called the Talent Code it was on my tree of books I found out about from other reads like Outliers.  If you don't know these books you may have heard about the 10,000 hour of practice for mastery rule or Myelin which is the chemical that insulates the nerves in our brain and protect our habits and skills.  Either way the book tells us to shrink the size of the skill.  I have done this by building a replica of my future studio in my living room.  This space allows me to practice whenever I feel like it!  I can have a bare amenities studio available in a moments notice to work on my lighting and setup skills.  It usually helps to have someone or something to shoot

Computer, camera, background, light kit, so on and so forth.  I add something to my little space every chance I get.  The point in this is not to brag or even tell you to buy things it is to stress that you work with the equipment you have to allow for a style to shine through.    This studio serves as a no membership gym of sorts.  I rarely enjoy the results at first glance but after hitting the shower or showing up on a day I just don't feel like performing I start to see the fruit of my labor.  I don't wait until competition time to get better at the things I want most.  I like to setup I love to shoot I love to transform back into a functional space.  This work will pay off.

Here is the latest entry into the work.