Keep It Super Simple K.I.S.S Method / by Leroy Mikell


Time and time again we hear less is more and minimalist is modern.  This can never be more true of our professional selves.  New photographers and old heads alike suffer from dissatisfaction with their work and we all look to either make great gains in the shortest amount of time or evole the style we have to keep clients coming back.  no matter what friends and family or clients say we get stuck thinking it can be better if I had (fill-in the blank.) All we really need is a camera an idea and good light that happens for free twice a day or all day when it is overcast.  

There is nothing wrong with unceasing progression because a person would be so lucky as to show improve everyday before laying down to sleep.  The problem comes when we substitute actual practice and man hours for extra megapixels and gadgets.  Those type things are great from camera manufactures and lightshaping companies set on selling you this years new and improved softbox.  Improvisation is a key element we lose when we cease to make our unique situation work in our favor.  Let us not forget to be adaptable and conscious of necessity.

Good gear lasts most photographers their whole career.  Outside of the tidal wave that was digital photography there has been no reason to buy the latest and greatest light and camera every year.  

I am at an advantage because I live in NYC a train ride away from every popular rental house and assist for guys that have access to cool stuff I can try out.  But the thing photographers aren't talking about is outside of the exorbitant amount of money it costs to own and rent this stuff they just have no need for all the things day in and day out.  Most of the people I assist for have very little gear and use a similar lighting setup for majority of their bread and butter work.  Their cameras are older than a few of their kids and they are generally happy and fond of the equipment they use.  They have stories about individual shoots and prople they shot with their weathered dented and bent beauty dishes.  It is poetic that beauty dishes are so damn imperfect!

I encourage you to spend more time to master your equipment or lack thereof to make something dope next time you feel the need for ore photo things.  I mean making soup from leftovers is more of a skill than ordering in delivery because you are tired of searching for possibility in your leftovers.

he photos I made for this post are shot with one light from the kit I have been piecing together and collecting for 8 years and a white posterboard I bought at Target for three dollars.  I didn't open photoshop or use a makeup artist for these.  I simply looked at the light and made a photo.

peace clickers