Light Work / by Leroy Mikell

If you have been wondering where I have been I am about to tell you!  I have been assisting regularly in the city! The Thursdays and Sunday I usually updating you guys were spent updating my skill set in real life.  You may also notice the slight rebranding taking place with the visuals on the site.  People way smarter than me (mainly my fiancé Brittany Dandy) said it needed to change so here we are with new logos new layout and same great flavor.  Before I tell you about a particular job and show you the photos I have some great news.  

From here on out I will start providing lighting diagrams of the best shots from the work I do here in NY and my personal work.  Of course there will be a small nominal fee.  The idea is to show you where I am placing lights and the reasons I choose those spots.  I am really passionate about teaching so this is my way of doing it without going to get a masters in education.

I of course have to wait until I have social proof of my expertise so I will start the offering with my first published work.  

Would you believe that the published thing actually happened today!  That is right we are in Ebony Magazine with a story on Sunglasses.  I am so excited to start sharing this work with you!  Next post will drop soon.

Peace Clickers