I have nice things... by Leroy Mikell

This more of a short personal post about starting over or even starting for the first time. Last year I lost all my equipment because I carelessly left it in my car/trunk overnight. My light meter (prize possession) my three strobes stands and background stand not to mention my subwoofer and amp were all stolen. I didn't really sweat it I just kept going to school said a prayer over it and working towards replacing everything.
This last week I am happy to announce I have new equipment that is nicer than what I had previously. I am still missing light stands but people are donating bags and the right pieces are seeming to just pop up on craigslist and everything even the free stuff is just happening to match black and red.

I do believe in God and small things like the way things workout through no plan of your own solidify that faith.

I want you to dream about what you want and start it and tell me if I am crazy or not. There is no specific timeline so be patient and do the work and watch how you look up one day with the things you wanted and on your way to more.

Here are some shots of the new and improved stuff.