My name Is Leroy Mikell.  New York is slowly becoming a playground for my imagination and the place my camera and I rest our eyes.  I am dedicated to providing you great product shots for your online store stylistic shoots for your look-books album art and websites.  My favorite part of the process is the problem solving involved in producing the image my clients use as their brand identity.  My philosophy is "Get it right in the camera!"  I take a technical approach to making my art.  

I am passionate about product/commercial photography!  There is just something about seeing my images as a part of others vision.  On some level it is like our paths cross by will of God the universe or whatever you believe in and we work together to create something amazing.  The fact that your music your fashions and your products need my expertise to be fully functional and marketable fills me with pride and I love providing that service that makes dreams feel closer to reality  

I am Syracuse University trained North Carolina A&T Bred and U.S Army Groomed for success.  Welcome to lets talk more about you and when we can shoot the things most important to you and your brand of business.

I am also a Certified Digital Tech

Contact me to manage your next digital capture.  I specialize in quality control and troubleshooting your camera lights and equipment during your tethered photoshoot.  Services include monitor calibration color management of files and file backup at the end of shoot.  My services allow you to focus on your subject and your art with the piece of mind that your images will be as top notch as possible when you wrap your shoot.


  I own my equipment and rent only a few pieces depending on the assignment.  

The third leg of my business that I am developing is education around the subject I love so much.  I teach the basics of photography both studio and natural, lighting, and set production.  Subscribe now to receive monthly tips, lessons and how-to guides designed to help new photographers grow into their own, and become better shooters.